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Aug 25, 2013 11:00pm PDT
'm a mississippi segragist and i'm proud of it. >> reporter: as the south resisted integration, president john f. kennedy grew frustrated, nelson says the president wanted to help blacks but also wanted to appease southern voters. >> the kennedys were sort of behind it but not really. i mean lip service was there. >> reporter: throughout that summer more than 300 freedom riders traveled through the deep south. in september the president's brother attorney general robert kennedy asked for and received more stringent regulations. by the end of 61, public transportation throughout the south was integrated. >> after the violent response to the freedom riders, president kennedy sent a bill to congress. he talked to the nation about why it should pass. >> now the time has come for this nation to fulfill its promise. the events in berming ham and elsewhere have so increased that cries for equality that no city or state or legislative body can choose to ignore them. the fires of frustration and discord are burning in every city. in demonstrations, parades and protests. which create tension and threaten
Aug 27, 2013 9:30am PDT
building of the kiesler air force base inbiloxi, mississippi. asyo middle of quite a heft at this lightening storm. >> got hit right there. >> oh. >> whoa! >> what did i say? i got that [ bleep ], bro. >> a gigantic bolt comes down right exactly smack dab where this guy said he thought the bolt was going to strike. >> it hit like right there. >> you can't predict that! is it real? is it real? >> yeah. yeah. >> so he really did predict where that lightening would sfliek. >> he didn't necessarily predict it, he said, what if it hit right there, right in front of us. >> hit right there. >> boom! right in front of this guy. >> wow. >> that is close. >> that's kind of like serious hand of god lightening right there. >> alleluia. >> are they filming from the cover of any kind of shelter? because it seems like they're standing just outside in the storm. it's amazing that the lightening struck the top of the building and not right where they were standing. >> yeah. it's a positive thing when the lightening is coming down. it looks like something you can reach up and grab. other bo
Aug 5, 2013 6:00pm PDT
was born in mississippi and raised in san francisco. but the february assault, sounds like something out of the the deep south in the early days. >> it's not what i would think would happen in san francisco. >> you're an end, you're just an end. >> prosecutors say 47-year-old david writh used the "n" word, and shoved the retired clerk into the the gutter outside this convenience store. >> i look at him, and he said, i'm a bike cop, and i'll drop kick your -- >> but he was no cop. he faces felony assault and hate crime allegation. >> we have this false sense of security, we're very progressive. >> they reviewed 23 cases of hate crimes. this community is the number one target u and they're reviewing more cases that may include the african american victims. >> we have the case of the the land owner dispute. the tenant is african american, and the land lord left a note offensive. >> he's in need of mental and physical therapy. >> it's hurt me, i have problems with white people passing me by on the streets now. >> nationwide, the fbi reports that 3,465 racial hate crimes in 2012, 73% of those
Aug 5, 2013 10:00pm PDT
and emotionally. >> reporter: 58-year-old james jefferson was born in mississippi and raised in san francisco. but the february attack he describes sounds like something from the days in the deep south. >> it's not a kind of thing that i would think happened in san francisco. >> he was saying you're an n, you're an n. you're just an n. >> reporter: 47-year-old david wright repeatedly used the n word as he shoved the retired clerk into the gutter of this convenience store. >> i looked at him and i said i'm a bike cop andly [ bleep ] your face in. >> reporter: but he is not a cop and officers found the gloves in wright's own bag. >> we have a case the tenant is in dispute. the tenant is african american. the landlord left a noose which is obviously offensive. >> i have a problem with white people passing me by on the streets now. >> reporter: the fbi reported 3,465 racially motivated crimes. ktvu channel 2 news. >>> arizona based rural metro corporation says it has come with an agreement with its lenders. the filing will not only reduce its debt but further improve patient care. >>> more than
Aug 18, 2013 10:00am PDT
to leave mississippi in the 1960s to get married. how do you think it affected you the idea that your parent's marriage was a crime? >> well, i think that it created in me a sense of psychological exile. >> and when she was 19, her mother was murdered by her former stepfather. >> i tried to make sense of that loss. >> here the dead stand up in stone. i stand on ground once hollowed by -- >> she won a pulitzer prize in 2007. about a forgotten union regiment that fought in the civil war. >> we know that it is our duty now to keep white men as would be masters. >> she wrote that poem and would look up at a pillar marked poetry. >> and now that i do it i can't see it so clearly but i have faith that it is there. >> so she will continue to cheer lead in a world that doesn't always value that. >> trying to find a way to say what seems so necessary to be said but so difficult also to someone that i can speak intimately to. across time and space on the page that is thrilling to me. >> this summer the library of congress appointed her to a second term. but her time in washington is coming to a
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5